Aliseda was born in 1990 creating jewels of traditional Florentine school, soon the style was enriched by archaeological motifs, especially from the Etruscans and Romans.
The shapes and the working techniques come from the old ones, however creativity and experimentation are very important in the jewels production.
The productive process starts from pure metals to obtain the various alloys used, some reproposed after their disappearance in the modern time, such as electrum and asèm.
The gems are cut from natural crystals, sometimes reproposing ancient cuts like those of the Encyclopédie Diderot and D’Alambert. Among the cabochon hard stones, the Tuscan jaspers and chalcedones play an important role.

“The story of jewellery and man is the same story, immersed in the passage of life and marked to celebrate and to potentiate. From time immemorable the cult of beauty has been tightly tied to that of the vital strength and nothing other than stone, which representates the maximum of stability and of concentration, is believed capable of trapping these immaterial and powerful qualities on earth and in the universe, precisely as vital energy. The first ornaments derived from bone, shells, then of stones and metals have traces in the history of the human culture and genealogy of beauty. In the first part it was beauty that enhanced the vitality, bestowed rank and carisma, that transformed it into the sacred profane. Only subsequently the aspects of soley decorative jewellery and great social ornamentation took the lead. The goldsmith’s forge tradionally is a ‘magic’ and secret place. In fact from here comes the passage of the raw material and opaque into something that glows, the transformation of nature’s marvels from all kinds of mineral, vegetable and organic materials employed by the goldsmith, into objects impregnated with culture and style. Among the established goldsmiths there is a difference, and the products from the “Aliseda” workshop underline a particular style. What is of importance is not the intrinsic value of the stone worked but the original quality of the stone. A strong ecological sensibility and the knowledgeable use of antique techniques make the jewellery of ‘Aliseda’ exault the natural confirmation instead of the mere value of the market. The finished product comes like the last link of a chain of physical concession and symbols among the five elements: water, ari, earth, fire, wood; between light and the spectrum of their iridescent colours, between the gulfs of the sea and the interior of the mountain, and at the end also between the earth and the sky, like the antique Indian astrological belief, every planet of our system exerts a specific influence on every stone, as does the person who the gem adorns.”

(Grazia Marchianò)