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The Aliseda style combines ancient motives and personal creativity.
The production goes from the raw materials to the finishing touches.
The techniques are traditional.

(The jewelry on this website have been made ​​over the years, many of them are not available.
The images have been chosen to show the style of working)


The blue colour is the running thread in a series of objects inspired by the nature of the Orcia valley. Blue elements, even when barely present, emphasize the connections across different materials.

L’Arte della Natura

The “L’arte della natura” (The art of Nature) collection is born from the assumption that Art, Technique and Nature are parts of a whole.
Ornaments also have a symbolic meaning. Natural stones, fossils, wood are jewels in themselves and not only decoration.


Small sculptures made using lost-wax models in beeswax, cast in luto (refractory clay mixture), thenhand finished with chisel and patinated using natural substances.


Starting in the 12th Century, the Gothic style spread throughout Europe creating new shapes and designs in architecture, painting, sculpture and jewellery. Drawing inspirationfrom this historical period,Aliseda gave life to this series of rings.

Tecnica Etrusca

Between the Orientalizing period (VII century a.C.) and the Hellenism (III century a.C.) in Tuscany, the ancient people of the Etruscans perfected the techniques they had inherited from the oriental goldsmiths and produced masterpieces


The Archeo collection gathers inspiration from archaeological sources, from the Bronze Age to the Renaissance. Our creativity transforms the taste of the ancients giving life to these creations.