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Aliseda Laboratorio Orafo

Aliseda was born in 1990 creating jewels of traditional Florentine school, soon the style was enriched by archaeological motifs, especially from the Etruscans and Romans.
The shapes and the working techniques come from the old ones, however creativity and experimentation are very important in the jewels production.

The processing

The productive process starts from pure metals to obtain the various alloys used, some reproposed after their disappearance in the modern time, such as electrum and asèm.
The gems are cut from natural crystals, sometimes reproposing ancient cuts like those of the Encyclopédie Diderot and D’Alambert. Among the cabochon hard stones, the Tuscan jaspers and chalcedones play an important role.

The techniques

The jewels are made by hand working on the “banchetto”, a small wooden table that has remained unchanged over the centuries. Even the main tools are the same as in the past: small hammers of various shapes, the jeweler’s sawframe, the burin, the chisel, the rolling mill, the dies, the files etc.